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The Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association was founded in 1902 in Stonewall, Manitoba as a grass roots organization dedicated to improving the working conditions of Postmasters in rural Manitoba. CPAA grew from a local organization to a national association that is the second largest bargaining unit representing employees of Canada Post Corporation.
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last update: September 20th, 2010

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last update: July 22nd, 2011

by Daniel L. Maheux

Supplemental Allowance for Postmaster-Provided Premises – Update


In our first Communiqué of 2011, we reminded all Group Postmasters of the new supplemental allowance available under the current Collective Agreement. Please note that as a result of the recent strike, the deadlines for applying as well as the payment issuance have been extended by one month. That is to say that CPAA members can still apply until the end of August and the payments will be issued by the end of September.


by CLC

Humanitarian crisis in East Africa


Donate now to help Oxfam


by Leslie A. Schous


To CPAA Members,

We know that there is a lot of confusion and frustration for you with regards to what is happening with Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

We are aware that Canada Post has sent you a number of directives as to how to proceed with the work in your Post Offices. Sometimes this information comes as a local initiative and takes some time to filter up to National, both CPC and CPAA. We appreciate your vigilance in keeping us up to date as to what is happening in your Post Offices.

One issue was not clarified, until this morning, was whether or not any of our CPAA members will be laid-off if this lock-out continues for a long period of time.

I was assured this morning by Bruno Cadieux, General Manager for Labour Relations that:

"At this stage there is no intention of laying off any employees. The Corporation is working very hard to put this file to closure and return to normal operations as soon they can."

Mr. Cadieux also advised me that if this should change, we would be advised as soon as possible.

We will do our utmost to ensure that the rights and benefits of our members are maintained through this process.


by Leslie A. Schous

Upcoming Strike at Canada Post


We have received a number of enquiries in the past few days with regards to the upcoming strike by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).

CPC has identified to CPAA National Office that no CPAA members will be laid-off as a result of this strike. Rumours are running rampant regarding lay-offs. Should events take place that are contrary to the information we have been given at National, please advise us as soon as possible .

CPAA is not CUPW and we are not on strike. We settled our collective agreement a year ago without any work stoppage, strike or lockout. CPAA is expected to go to work as usual.

We understand CPC is identifying that, although CPAA is at work, we may be told not to process any mail. Not even local mail for local delivery. I have written a letter to CEO & President of CPC, Deepak Chopra expressing our dismay at this decision, explaining that we are at work to sort mail for our customers and that we should not be prohibited from doing so.

In addition to this we are hearing that there will be no replacement hours granted in our Post Offices. Our major concern at this time is to ensure that your hours, at your substantive position, are protected.

What IF there is a Picket Line?

In the unlikely event that you have a picket line in front of your post office, and please remember this possibility is extremely remote, here are a few things to bear in mind:

Under the Canada Labour Code, Canada Post can not tell you to do the work of someone else who is on strike, but it can require you to go report for work and do your job, even if it means crossing a picket line. If you have to do so:

    - Cross lines only at designated areas
    - It is often possible to work out an arrangement with a picket captain for going into a struck location to do your job
    - Walk slowly, do not run
    - If confronted verbally - do not respond
    - Do not talk back or engage in confrontation

    - If you believe you are in physical danger while crossing the picket line:
    - Stay calm and avoid any confrontation
    - Protect yourself but do not respond with any sort of verbal abuse or unnecessary force
    - Ask for assistance
    - Try to remember the details
    - Contact your Supervisor immediately, identify the danger and ask for help and direction.


by Leslie A. Schous



CPAA National Office is disputing the methodology that CPC is using to calculate the PAYMENT FOR RECOGNITION OF SICK LEAVE CREDITS for employees who are not Full-Time. This includes Part-Time Assistants as well as Group Postmasters.

Canada Post advised us on February 22, 2011 that the sick leave bank for Part-Time Assistants and Group Postmasters will be divided by 8. They are basing this on a full 8-hour day. CPAA opposes this calculation as we believe that your average daily hours should be used as the denominator for calculating your Aqualifying days@.

We are filing a National grievance.

In addition to this, we were advised that AccessHR is telling our membership that this was agreed to by CPAA. This is totally false. CPC assured us last week that the employees in AccessHR would be advised accordingly.

Thank you for your patience and we will keep you posted.


by Daniel L. Maheux

Recognition payment for sick leave credits


Despite repeated requests from the Association, the Corporation has not yet figured out an equitable calculation method to convert accumulated sick leave hours into days for the purpose of the recognition payment for sick leave, for employees who work less than full time shifts.

Discussions are ongoing at the time of writing. On February 2, the Corporation gave assurances to the Association, that only full time employees would receive their recognition payment in pay period 3. Members with less than full time hours were quick to call their CPAA Officers to inform us that they were receiving payments which they neither agreed with or for which they could not understand the rationale.

All members of CPAA need to know that discussions are ongoing with the Corporation and that the Association will not rest until an equitable and acceptable solution has been found. We will utilize every means at our disposal within the Collective Agreement to resolve this issue.


by Daniel L. Maheux

Payment for Recognition of Sick Leave Credits


CPAA is putting the final touches to a document which will be mailed to all members highlighting the changes to the Collective Agreement. One change, on which we have received inquiries, is the onetime payment the Corporation will make in recognition of Sick Leave Credits. The appropriate Letter of Understanding is reproduced in part below (bold type modification has been done by CPAA):

“In recognition of an employee’s sick leave credits, the Corporation will make a onetime payment to each eligible employee who is active on the date of December 31, 2010, as set out below:

Accumulated sick leave: Payment:

400 or more days $3,000.00
300 to 399 days $2,000.00
200 to 299 days $1,000.00
150 to 199 days $500.00

The above payment will be made based on sick leave credits accumulated by the employee as of December 31, 2010.

Please note that each employee may only receive this payment on one occasion.”


by Shirley L. Dressler

Raising Awareness for Mental Health


Wayne Stremel, a Canada Post employee from Nanaimo, BC, is cycling across the country in support of the Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health. He is stopping at various Post Offices along the way. Click on his tentative cycling itinerary to find out where he is going to be next. Follow his journey from Parksville, BC to Neils Harbour, NS at www.outoftheshadowstour.ca.


by Leslie A. Schous

Certificate of Posting


All Post Offices across Canada should have received, from Canada Post, a notice to post information regarding the CUPW application for a bargaining unit review. This document originates from the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) and CPC is obligated to send this to all Post Offices for posting. Please post and report as directed in the instructions.

In addition to this, please note that the Notice to Employees document identifies that you, as an interested party, may submit a written submission to the CIRB. This gives you an opportunity to express your position with respect to the order or decision sought by the applicant (CUPW).


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